Dan Jackson, North American Division (NAD) president, has invited each union to adopt an island in the Guam-Micronesia Mission. These islands are part of the NAD. The Lake Union Conference has been paired with Kosrae. Kosrae is located 370 miles north of the equator between Guam and the Marshall Islands. It is 2,800 miles southwest of Hawaii. A Lake Union team visited Kosrae in early 2019 and were welcomed with open arms and grateful hearts. They witnessed the commitment that the church members have in bringing Christ to the 6,000 island inhabitants. The positive impact that the Kosrae SDA School is making in the lives of their 50 students, 36 of whom are from non-Adventist homes, is unmistakable.

Knowing that people in the Illinois, Indiana, Lake Region, Michigan, and Wisconsin Conferences are praying for them is a source of strength and encouragement!

We are encouraging everyone to work together in raising $75,000 for a gym that will not only benefit the school and church, but will also provide opportunities to witness to others on the island.

The church members of this island need us. Even though they are dedicated, they are few in number. Our union can work together in 2019 and in the years ahead to affirm, encourage and assist growing God’s work in this part of the world.

Lake Union Adopts Guam-Micronesia School

“We are very excited that the Lake Union Conference adopted us to be a part of their Union,” expressed the school’s principal, Kamran Masih. “We look forward to working together.” He further added, “There’s a lot of work on the island that needs to be done. We are helping kids through education to bring them closer to Jesus.”

Government Affirms
Excellent Reputation

Aware of the high test scores of the students, the local government recently revealed the news that they're willing to pay for 15 students to attend the school, tuition free! These 15 students will be selected by the highest test scores of 8th-graders on the entire island.

Pioneers, Purpose,
and a Pacific Island

Our team asked hard questions relative to the prospects for growth to reach the rest of the 6,000 inhabitants of their island for Christ through both the church and school. What I saw led me to conclude that one of the best things our Adventist pioneers did was to organize our Christ-centered message to reach the world.